Friends, Rugby, and Fun in One of the Most Exciting Places on Earth. Life Just Doesn't Get Any Better.



Do you love rugby? Do you like traveling with friends? Do you want to live an experience you will Playing rugby with your friends in South America.never forget?


Imagine playing rugby on the most amazing field ever. The grass is so green and perfect that you will never think of green the same way. You are playing with your best friends. You are surrounded by the most gorgeous mountains you have ever seen. And you know that after the game the most delicious Argentinean barbecue will be waiting for you while you hang out with your friends at one of the most beautiful beaches in South America.


At ARG Rugby Tours we are 100% committed to providing you with the most spectacular experience of your life. In fact, we even guarantee it. This is our commitment:



- We have a tour just for you. We have the perfect tour for you an your team regardless your age, gender, and playing level. We will find perfectly matched teams for you to play.


- You will visit one of the most incredible places on Earth. Argentina has so much to offer that we have a whole section on this website about it. Buenos Aires is known as "The Paris of A bilingual tour manager will be with your team at all timesSouth America" and it's the hottest destination in the world at this moment.


Mar del Plata has some of the most amazing beaches you'll ever see.


Mendoza offers you very beautiful mountains and a scenery that will make your jaw drop. Add great food and really low prices and you'll know you've found the perfect place for your rugby tour.


- Your Tour Manager will take care of everything for you. A bilingual assistant will be with you and your team during the whole tour, from the moment she welcomes you at the airport until you take the flight back home.


Your Tour Manager will be available for you at all times to show you around and help you communicate with other locals.


- Fundraiser. We know that raising the money for a rugby tour can be a daunting task. Free Fundraiser. Raise up to $3,000 per player and travel for free!That is why we can organize a fundraiser for your team and we even supply the prizes! Yes, that's right. Trips to Hawaii and Paris for two people (all inclusive), Sony Vaio laptops, flat-screen TVs, and iPods. Just sell some tickets to your friends, family, and neighbors and get your trip for free or almost free.


- The coach travels for free. That's right. If your team has at least 20 players, the coach doesn't pay for anything.


- Easy to pay for. If the fundraiser we organized for you doesn't cover the full cost of the trip, we give you the option of very low monthly payments. We don't want cost to be the reason you miss the best experience of your life.


Check out our Tours and Prices section to learn more about our packages.


You can also chat with one of our agents right now! We are available 24/7.





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