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We offer three different tour options and we can also custom-design a tour to suit your specific needs.


BA + The Beach
BA + The Beach + Patagonia
7 days in Buenos Aires
10 days (5 days in Buenos Aires & 5 days in Mar del Plata)
12 days (5 days in Buenos Aires & 4 days in Mar del Plata & 3 days in Mendoza)
Rugby games
2 games
3 games
4 games
3-star hotel
3-star hotels
3-star hotels
To/from the airport & to/from the games.
To/from the airport & to/from the games & between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata (round trip).
To/from the airport & to/from the games & between Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Mar del Plata (round trip).
Breakfast every day & 1 dinner & 2 lunches.
Breakfast every day & 2 dinners & 3 lunches.
Breakfast every day & 3 dinners & 4 lunches.
Bilingual Tour Manager
Activities included
Medical assistance during the games and professional referees
Training facilities and equipment
Coach travels for free
Fundraiser (so you don't have to pay for your tour)
Optional (1 trip for 2 people to Hawaii/Paris -includes airfare and hotels & 5 Apple iPods)
Optional (2 trips for 2 people to Hawaii/Paris -include airfare and hotels & 5 Apple iPods)
Optional (2 trips for 2 people to Hawaii/Paris -includes airfare and hotels & 1 LCD flat-screen TV & brand new Sony Vaio laptop & 5 Apple iPods)
$467 per player
$717 per player
$837 per player
Lowest Price Guarantee
Sample itinerary
View Sample Itinerary
View Sample Itinerary
View Sample Itinerary


Customize your tour


We can customize your tour to fit your specific needs. Do you want more/less days? More/lessBuenos Aires games? Is there any other city that you would like to visit? How about Iguazu or Bariloche? Do you want 4-star hotels? Or maybe you want to fly instead of traveling by bus. No problem; whatever you need we will make it happen.


ARG Rugby Tournament


If you want to learn more about ARG Rugby Tournament, the premier amateur rugby event in South America, visit the ARG Rugby Tournament section.


Optional activities


Once you are in Argentina, there is a lot more that you will want to do besides playing rugby. These are some of the best activities available.


City Tour (Buenos Aires)

A park in Buenos Aires

Discover one of the most amazing cities in the world. Buenos Aires is a thoroughly modern city with more than 400 years of history. Visit Florida street, one of the most surprising pedestrian streets in South America. You don't want to miss Palermo Soho, the trendiest neighborhood in Argentina, where you will find tourists from all over the Globe; Puerto Madero, the preferred area for luxury offices and restaurants; and San Isidro, the most exclusive neighborhood in Buenos Aires.


You will also get to see Argentina's historic buildings, the Casa Rosada (which means "Pink House" and is the President's office), the Obelisco (a huge tower with a lot of history), and some of the oldest, yet best mantained museums and theaters in the world.


Finish the day with a short visit to Recoleta, the neighborhood of choice for expats in Buenos Aires to have a good time and eat at the best restaurants.

Boca Juniors soccer game


Boca Juniors' Soccer Game (Buenos Aires)

Having won the Intercontinental Cup -the major tournament in the world for clubs- three times (more than any other team in history), Boca Juniors is, without a doubt, one of the best soccer teams in the world. Boca Juniors won 18 international tournaments and has more fans than all the other teams in Argentina combined.


Watching Boca Juniors live is an experience that is really hard to describe. Tens of thousands of people singing, jumping, and screaming for the most exciting 90 minutes of their week is just a start. When we say that you can feel the stadium vibrate, we really mean it. If you don't get goose bumps with all these people around you, you need to check your pulse.


Watching Boca Juniors is THE activity you don't want to miss for anything in the world.

Horseback riding.


Ranch Day (Buenos Aires)

One-and-a-half hours outside Buenos Aires you will find the perfect place to rest and have a good time. All you hear is the birds; all you see around is trees and horses; all you feel is the breeze in your face. Estancia Santa Susana is paradise if you want the best barbecue of your life (we guarantee it), to relax at the pool, and ride horses in the afternoon.


Enjoy one of Argentina's most popular traditions and you will soon understand why Argentineans are always smiling.


Tigre (Buenos Aires)

Take a boat tour in the world's widest river. Go to an island to lay under the sun and enjoy a great steak. In the afternoon you can get more excitement at South America's biggest roller coaster theme park.

Waterpark. Rugby Tours to Argentina.


Buenos Aires Night Tour (Buenos Aires)

We will take you to the most glamorous bars and clubs in Buenos Aires. With music that will get you dancing even if you are not the dancing kind, endless nights, and fun people around you, this will be a night you will never forget.


Waterpark Day (Mar del Plata)

There is nothing more fun than a group of friends running around and laughing at a great waterpark. With attractions of all kinds -from baby rides to adrenaline rush rides- having a blast at Aquasol is pretty much a given.


Carilo (Mar del Plata)

Carilo is the trendiest beach in South America. This unusual town will amaze you with its woods, beaches, sand roads, and extravagant houses.


Reserva Norte BeachPlay beach rugby, eat the most incredible seafood and sushi ever -at prices so low you won't believe it, and relax under the sun on warm sand at one of the quietest beaches you will ever visit.


Reserva Norte Beach (Mar del Plata)

Taking surf lessons with your best friends in a foreign country is about as good as life gets, isn't it? Even if you are not a surfer, you can enjoy a round of golf next to the beach with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Or how about the special seafood platter with samples of salmon, trout, shrimp, crab, scallops, and clams that Reserva Restaurant is so famous for?


Aquarium (Mar del Plata)

Enjoy South America's most impressive marine mammal park. From cute dolphins and penguins to scary silver wales, Aquarium has it all.


Whitewater Rafting (Mendoza)

We guarantee that you will laugh so much rafting with your friends in Mendoza that the muscles on the sides of your face will actually feel sore.


Paragliding (Mendoza)

There are three kinds of people: "the chicken ones", the brave ones, and those who are brave enough to go paragliding.


Fly with some of the most

Whitewater rafting Argentina

experienced paragliding instructors in the world. You will feel like a bird up there. It is so quiet and calm that it will make you see life in a different way.


Other activities

We wanted to give you a quick glance about the kind of things that Argentina and ARG Rugby Tours have to offer you. There is a lot more that you can do and we would love to suggest other activities based on your personal preferences. Just ask, we are here to help.


Please go back to the top of this page and select the tour of your choice to see a sample itinerary.


Not sure which tour is right for you? No problem. Click on the button below to chat with one of our agents right now. We are available 24/7.



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