Why Argentina



- Guaranteed fun. Having extreme fun in Argentina is a given. We will take you to the stadium to NY Times Excerptwatch a Boca Juniors rugby game. It's like nothing you've seen before. But there is more: incredible -and very inexpensive- restaurants, gorgeous beaches, surf lessons, rafting trips, horseback rides, and days at the ranch are just a few of the things that Argentina has to offer.


- Affordable. Argentina is one of the destinations where the US dollar is still very strong. Because the exchange rate of 3 pesos National Geographic Excerptto 1 dollar, everything is so inexpensive for foreigners that most of them end up staying longer than planned. If excellent restaurant meals for $6 and plenty of tours and activities for under $20 don't get you excited, check your pulse.


- Safe. In Argentina, there is no need to worry. Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, and Mendoza are some of the safest cities in South America. Sure, there are some rough neighborhoods, just like everywhere else, but we will Lonely Planet Excerptkeep you within safe areas.


- Argentina is all about rugby. We challenge you to find one single Argentinean who is able to spend a couple of hours without talking about rugby. In Argentina, rugby is almost a religion. People play rugby, watch rugby, talk about rugby, and dream about rugby. And seriously, with players like Hernandez, Pichot, and Corletto, we can't blame them.


In 2007, Buenos Aires was the hottest destination in the world and 2008 and 2009 are looking even better.


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